you know, somewhere inside, that you have your own answers. that you don’t need the latest marketing “guru’s” advice & admonishments.

in fact, they probably make you feel a little bit sick. a little bit less sure of yourself. a little bit worse.

who needs that?!

not you.


Honor Medina“I am over the moon! So happy. The feedback on the site has been 100% positive. The best compliment for me is that you allowed my personality to shine through on the site. People that know me noticed this and loved it.

The best part of working with you was how we clicked. You listen, which is highly valuable. Listening is an art form that very few are gifted with. You have all the talent needed to design beautiful websites, plus the human values of listening, kindness, humor, and wisdom.”

Honor Medina – NM USA – Honor Medina


you know that your path is your path, but that it can be super helpful to have someone next to you on the path to carry the lantern. someone who’s happy to hold the light out ahead of you on the path, and to steady your step when you stumble (’cause really… we all do, and will, from time to time)

you’re a little bit woo-woo, and a little bit rock-n-roll (like me!). you’re multi-faceted & a bit quirky. you’ve got lots of depth & various little disparate parts of yourself vying for attention & wanting to be included in your website, your business, and hell… your life!


Paula Jones“It’s hard for me to put into words exactly what happened. It was PFM (pure fucking magic) and not at all painful. My new website IS me… totally. And is a work of art in and of itself. Angel really listened and understood exactly what it was that I wanted to convey. AND, added her own magic. Angel…you are such a gift. Bless you, sunshine!!”

Paula Jones – AR USA – Beings of Hope


my unique gift is to help women of substance… women who have something to say & something to do in this world; women who have some depth *and* some light… it’s to help these special women to pull out those interesting and complex bits of themselves… and bring them all together into a cohesive whole both within their website & their business.


Gin White“You GOT me. And it was so fluid and easy to work with you. You were able to really see me and the essence of my business, and then work your magick to make my site feel like ME (I can’t begin to tell you how many people who know me say my site feels like “me”) . You answer all my questions (without ever making me feel dumb for not knowing!), you kept me calm when I worried about things going wrong, you’re intuitive, you’re creative, you’re an artist at this…. and you brought all of that together to create a website I love. You were able to see my self and my vision, and bring it to life online.”

Ginger Mae White – AL USA – Subtle Harmony


this isn’t just website design

no. this is web design + business design + life design done in a way that reflects the depths of your soul & proclaims your Truth to those you’d best serve (and most love to work with!)

you’re tired of hiding?

you’re ready to bring all the interesting & fun & quirky (the soul, the depth) bits of yourself to the light?

you’re ready to create a life & business & website that’s a magickal symphony of all of you?

you’re just as rock-n-roll as you are woo-woo?


then welcome home, my gorgeous.

i cannot *wait* to connect


pssst… want some help in working out *your* personal best place to start???

check out my brand new automatic-start-inator-thingy…

it’ll walk you through the choices to help you determine your own personal best jumping off point. it’s almost as though i’m walking the path with you… you know, with that lantern i mentioned above…