My name is Angel, and I help you bring your soul’s work to the surface through your website.

In practical terms, here’s how that looks:

We begin our website work on the New Moon.
(Can’t argue with the workings of the universe, you know?)


We get together to chat, and I help you choose the one or two words that will capture the essence of your project. Then, we discuss how all of that translates visually. Shapes, emotions, colors, layout, navigation, calls to action…it’s all energy.

We’ll play with it, see what fits, and pull some oracle cards if that feels fun. 

You’ll get to Pinterest and call it work! 😉

Then, we begin the detailed work. I’ll make this as painless as possible, but you’ll probably resist digging up your logins and writing copy.

I’ll push you.

You’ll resist some more. Spoiler alert: I will triumph.



You won’t have to stress or freak out about font choices (or any of the other stuff) because we do that from within the container of your essence. I know, right?!

This work isn’t easy, but I’ve been doing this tech stuff for over twelve years. You’ll be great.

A couple of days into our work together, I’ll start building your new website.

Three to five days later, you’ll log in and swoon, bless the day you were born, and otherwise freak right out about how much better all of it feels.

We’ll tweak it as necessary.

Finally, we complete our process at the Full Moon to launch your website. That might mean you buy yourself some new crystals, or it might mean we talk energy while you sip some tea. Whatever feels good (you tell me!).



I am not accepting custom site builds at this time. Please check the blog, though, because I’m sharing all the goodness I can think of that will help you build a soulful website, on your terms.