your website, with soul.

You've done it. You've gone into business for yourself (yay!).

And you've been a learnin' fool (there's so much to figure out!).

And you know that a website, the right website, is vital to your success...


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i believe

That we're each here for a reason, and with a unique purpose... and that it's our job to follow the path that is ours alone, and along the way to give what we're here to give.

That what you have to offer this world is important, and necessary... and you need to get it out there in a way that feels true to your soul, and honors your gifts.

That it's helpful to have the right folks around you to help you realize the vision, without hijacking it. You know what you want; you know that guidance & feedback are helpful, while an 'expert' taking over your project is not.

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i’d love to share

And you love fabulous free gifts, yes?

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breathing space

I share personally here so you can get to know the person behind the website...

I'll also share bits that relate to creating and running a soulful website...

I hope you find both helpful.

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